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Plato’s Promise Reviews

Plato’s Promise is a multi-dimensional story. On the surface, the birds exhibit reactions to daily life in the woodlot much like humans. But it is the underlying tale of human challenges of diversity, ethical and moral behavior, and love, and the manner in which these birds deal with these challenges that makes this book so very entertaining and inspiring.

A page-turner with an inspiring and surprising twist – a great read for anyone! You’ll love it.

It’s amazing that after only a chapter or two, how normal it seemed that the characters in this book are all birds! These Ducks and Crows attach themselves to your heart and take you on an interesting, and at times hysterically funny adventure to achieve peace and harmony in the woodland. I’ll never see a group of birds together again without wondering what I might be missing! A great weekend or beach read!
A. Gray
Loved it! The story is engaging, the characters (all birds) are interesting and at times very, very funny! Worth reading…different and pleasing.
This book would make a wonderful Disney movie! James has the amazing ability to draw pictures in your head of the lovable characters in this book. The entire time I was reading I could visualize this book as a movie. A thoroughly enjoyable read, and fairytale type story with much deeper meaning and a lot of life lessons.
S. West
Very enjoyable story. Anyone 12 or over should really like this book. There are lessons learned within the pages. Loyalty, tolerance, empathy, and love of family to name a few. Amusing and engaging.
It is a great read. Even though it’s fiction, the themes – prejudices and injustice – are so real in today’s society. Very clever use of birds as characters for the story. I read the book once, but plan to read it again.
Ann Harrell, Retired Librarian
This novel is a great, easy to read, story. Very cute characters and story. I think this would make a great gift!
Diane M. Morgan
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