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Getting Old? You Can Still Make People Laugh

An old man shuffles down the sidewalk and goes into an ice cream store. He slowly makes his way over to the counter, groans, struggles, and then¬†finally makes it up on a stool. He catches his breath and orders a bannana split. The waitress asks, “Crushed nuts?” The man says, “No. Arthritis.”

Promises – Promises!

The driver was upset. “I didn’t mean to run over your rooster. I’d like to replace him.” The farmer gestured and said, “Go ahead. Introduce yourself to the hens – they’re around back.”

Ya Gotta Pay the Bill

A man sees his doctor and after the exam the¬†doctor gives the man six months to live. The man is upset to say the least. He goes to the account window and when he sees his bill he tells the woman he can’t pay. The doctor overhears the conversation and decides to give the man another six months to live.

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