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About the Author

James Tauber James G Tauberworked in the fire service for over four decades and retired in 2010 after fifteen years as Fire Chief in Volusia County, Florida. His stint as Fire Chief included the massive wildfires of 1998 when over 140,000 acres burned in Volusia County. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, train wrecks, and plane crashes made his tenure as Fire Chief challenging and exciting. Jim was inducted into the Prince George’s County (Md.) Fire Department Hall of Fame in 2014.

A Voracious Reader

Jim developed a love for books as a child, reading everything he could get his hands on including, according to family lore, the family’s entire set of the World Book Encyclopedia. He also tried his hands at writing at age eight when he started work on a book entitled Creatures From Down Under, a story about fearsome monsters that lived under the earth’s surface and terrorized the residents of a small town. He destroyed the manuscript when he learned from his mother that “Down Under’ was a reference to Australia. Jim couldn’t live with the thought that his monsters could be confused with cuddly koala bears, kangaroos, or wallabies. Changing the book title was not an option, he being a strong-willed and stubborn child, so the manuscript had to go. In retrospect, changing the title to Tremors may have been a better decision. Reading is still a passion and Jim reads voraciously on a wide variety of subject matter.

Becoming an Author

Reading Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, or Life in the Woods was a pivotal moment convincing Jim, at age twenty five, that writing was something he wanted to pursue. He dabbled on and off over the years but did not seriously focus on any project until he was nearing retirement, deciding that he would take up writing in earnest, and commencing work on his first novel, Plato’s Promise – A Woodland Tale.

Other Interests and Tidbits

Jim is an avid baseball enthusiast and played baseball for a decade in the Men’s Senior Baseball League, traveling the United States to compete in the game he loves, treasuring the memories, camaraderie, and friendship. Jim fervently believes, though his eye sight isn’t what it once was, he can still hit anything any pitcher can throw his way. He has accepted the fact that he probably shouldn’t stand in the infield when baseballs are Porchbeing hit unless he is wearing full body armor. ‘Probably’ doesn’t rule out the possibility he may play again; good judgment is something he is still working on.

Jim obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland and his graduate degree from the University of Central Florida. He currently resides in New Smyrna Beach, Florida with his wife Jean and their poodle Cha-Cha.

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